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addition-mark.jpegINFORMATION TO BE ADDED:
The lead teacher who will be working with the project managers and assistant project managers will use this page to communicate with you. If you're a Student Leader you should bookmark this page.

You are the leaders of this project. Use your ingenuity and determination to help your team communicate. This is the page where you will work.

Student Leaders - Information and Job Description

Student teams and collaboration structure
  • There will be eleven teams based on the flatteners detailed according to The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.
  • Each team will consist of two or three student leaders (as designated by individual teachers placed by project managers) and those designated on the team grid.
  • Students will discuss using the discussion tab on their wiki and Student Leaders will start one thread per sub topic (ie.7A) to facilitate the discussion.
  • Students will post on the sub topic thread as changes and updates are made on the page. Student leaders will monitor and contribute on each sub topic discussion thread.
Job Description
  • Join the Student Leader group on the Ning and communicate with the other student leaders on a regular basis using the Ning.
  • To communicate regularly with each team to make sure members are communicating with each other
  • To remind team members that the Ning is for social communication (getting to know each other) and the wiki is for professional communication (discussing the project)
  • Monitor project group on the Ning
  • To take charge of primary editing of the TEAM wiki page that knits the 6 subtopics together for that flattener
  • To make sure that all group members contribute content to the each sub topic area on the page as well as work on their own sub topic
  • Reach out via the Ning to those group members not contributing to the wiki
  • To facilitate discussions/meetings/conversations within the group as well as give peer feedback to the other teams
  • To communicate regularly with the project managers (Sheri Williams and Amy Jambor) and class teachers as to progress and discuss problems and issues as they arise
  • To ensure all work is completed within the essential time frame
  • The Student Leaders will support each other and the objectives of the project
  • Student Leaders will communicate with project managers on a weekly basis and attend brief regularly scheduled meetings on leadership training, communication skills, team status updates, and problem-solving

Student Leaders - Who are they?

List names and schools and hyperlink to Ning profiles

Erica L, Midpark High School, erical-mhs-1
Alyssa P, Midpark High School, AlyssaP-MHS-1

Student Leadership Ning Group

Student Leader Ning Group

Student Leaders Meetings

Student Leader Meeting March 6, 2013

Blackboard Collaborate
We are on the wiki phase of the project. Please be active on the wiki and in the discussion threads. Please contact inactive members on the Ning and encourage them to join the research and wiki phase of the project.

Student Leader Meeting February 24, 2013

Blackboard Collaborate
We are preparing to move on to the wiki phase. Students now have access to their teams. As student leaders, please reach out to your teammates and introduce yourselves. The wiki phase of the project is critical as this is the time where students experience true global participation. Student participation is essential. Students leaders are vital in this process. Please be encouraging and motivational as you encourage others to participate and collaborate. REMINDER: All students should add their name linked to their ning profile page at the bottom of their profile page.

All student leaders need to begin their discussion threads. There should be one discussion thread per category on the topic page of the wiki. Student leaders should also begin an additional discussion thread introducing themselves.

Student Leader Meeting #1 February 17, 2013

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Congratulations student leaders! We appreciate your willingness to lead on this project. This week you should be active on the ning, Please reach out to other students by responding to their blogs, This is a wonderful chance for students to get to know one another. Please post comments and responses to video handshakes. This is a wonderful opportunity for the communication phase of the project.