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  • Flat Classroom Checklist (from Vicki, 2008 Project)

Getting Started - Lesson Plan from Vicki
1 - Go to Last year's project - http://flatclassroomproject. wikispaces.com
2 - Read the page for the project that is your assigned topic - http://flatclassroomproject. wikispaces.com/Topics#toc1
3 - Do think pair share and summarize to a partner (if you have them in the classroom) - those who don't have partners in the class will share w/the whole class w/ me guiding.
4 - Join the Diigo Group (I'm going to do this automatically w the spreadsheet)
5 - Find and bookmark 3 links relating to your topic and summarize the links
6 - Embed the Diigo Tag roll on your group wiki page (Only I need to do this as I have one student on each team) - see http://projecthelp.wikispaces. com/Diigo+Group to see how to do this.
7 - After one person on your team embeds the current links for your tag onto the wiki, leave a mesage on the discussion tab of the main team wiki page about what you've done and some of the most important stuff you've found.

For editing wiki:

1 - When you delete the instructions off the wiki - make sure you put in the comments when you did it so the others can go in the history and see the instructions.
2 - Students, after they have a little research, should just start writing and adding information onto the wiki page. The wiki page should always be in a final format -- you TALK about the page under discussion - you EDIT the page on the wiki page itself.
3 - After each day that the students work, they should leave a message on discussion about what they did and what they think needs to happen next - it helps the team know that everyone else is there.

Next week - after a week of editing, I'll help my students build a PLN and RSS reader to monitor the pages - I do this after a little editing and will have help files built and up next week on this.

Tip: I tell students -- "You will know that you've done well editing today if you have added about _ number of words and _ hyperlinks.)

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