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Workflow Software

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Workflow Software - Flattener #3, p 77-93
Free workflow software was developed, allowing people from around the world to collaborate and work together on projects using a shared medium. The ability of machines to talk to other machines with no humans involved.
Overview of topic
  • Being able to create and manipulate digital content (words, data, pictures) from the desktop
  • Through online connectivity being able to share and distribute this content: machines talking to machines
  • For work to flow seamlessly: connections between different platforms, transmission protocols and languages e.g SMTP, HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP
  • Interoperability between departments necessitating software and hardware development
  • Standardization of business and other practices: PayPal, JPEG
  • New coding called AJAX: allows for online productivity (what you would normally do on a PC eg WP, can be done over the Internet)

Workflow Software, ideas to get started
  • It has become more important to standardize software and devise platform compatibility in order to be able to work more efficiently between programs and between users: Discuss a perspective on this in relation to business and education
  • Provide current scenarios and examples of work flow software to support your comparative discussion eg how does a Mac OS PC 'talk' to a PC running WinXP? What are the most common applications that promote interoperability: packages and Web 2.0
  • How does the concept and practice of work flow software enhance/improve productivity and communication: give specific examples
  • How must education change to instruct students in collaboration? How must industry change how they train their workforce? How cultural and geographic (time zone) issues impact collaboration?