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The Changing Shape of Information

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Uploading - Flattener #4, p 93-126
Communities uploading and collaborating on online projects. Examples include open source software, blogs, and Wikipedia.
Overview of topic
  • More people authoring more content and collaborating on that content; more people uploading files and globalizing that content
  • Power to individuals and self-forming communities to send up and out their own products and ideas-often for free
  • "Uploading is....becoming one of the most revolutionary forms of collaboration in the flat world" pg 95
  • Ordinary people can now be producers as well as consumers
  • Three forms of uploading:
    • community developed software
    • Wikipedia
    • blogging/podcasting
Ideas related to this topic
  • Students as producers as well as consumers of content
  • Enhanced communication now possible between individuals and groups
  • The impact of using uploading tools on everyday activities in education and business
  • Authenticity, privacy, security, globalization and cultural awareness issues

The Changing Shape of Information, ideas to get started
  • Provide an historical account of the availability of information. Refer to developments in participating countries and make global comparisons
  • Discuss the impact of the Internet and how uploading has changed the way we find, use and transfer information
  • Provide specific current examples related to business and education of consumers also being producers of content that is "uploaded."