The changing shape of information can both benefit and harm modern day education. Due to the advanced technology of our time, students of all grade levels are able to participate in activities that could not have been accomplished beforehand. Due to uploading students are now capable of researching, writing, even publishing their own content at home or even at school. Students can also be provided with certain software that builds on what they learn in school. Many websites such as PBSKids provide educational games which provide a challenging yet entertaining experience for the child. Despite the benefits of the changing shape of information in education, there are many difficulties faced with the new teaching style. One problem is that there are limited high quality education software's around. The ones that exist may not reinforce the lesson the way the teacher wishes. The changing shape of information also provides easy access to plagiarism. Thanks to the internet and the tremendous ease of simply copying and pasting information, plagiarism is being used more often. Next, computers have not changed the classroom. Students still learn the same way they may just be visualizing the lesson on a screen instead of a chalk board. Although the changin shape of information has its ups and downs in the education world, it still flattens the world by giving people an equal chance in education. With internet access and a computer any child can get access to an endless expanse of knowledge, and that truly flattens the world.
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