Music Uploaders Face Legal Action From

Record Firms.

By: Mary Corolan.

MLA : Irish Times, Jul 09, 2005


I would agree with this article. I mean I can understand if you download a few songs, but 500 at the minimum? Ive downloaded my fair share of music , believe me. I know that paying for stuff that you know how to get for free blows. But when your downloading hundreds possibly thousands of songs illegally, you WILL get caught at some point. They have ways to track that kind of thing. It relates to my assigned topic because I believe it is entertainment, it has to do with music and that’s one of the biggest forms of entertainment. It goes with or class because it goes along the lines of being responsible when using the internet.

-Chelsea L. Mod 3 BHS.

West Haven Teens Uploading Video of Fights To

YouTube; It's Part of Youth Culture, Students Say.

By: Susan Misur.


MLA: New Haven Register (CT), Sep 24, 2012

When it comes to this article, I would sadly have to agree with it. Not because I think it is right, but because it is true. Ever since middle school came around fights, uploading fights, and recording fights have been going on. It only gets worse in high school. With as big as phones are in society today, it doesn’t surprise me that it has only gotten worse. Also as sad as it is it has become “entertainment” for a lot of people. I honestly kind of expected it to get worse. Think about it, every day almost you are stuck with the same people which of course you have probably known since elementary school. Some which you don’t like and pressures build. You are bound to break at some point. But when that does happen I don’t think it’s the time for you to whip out your phone and record it. That’s mere stupidity. It relates to our project because it goes along with the entertainment of uploading. It has to do with understanding of what comes along with technology, and how you connect with other people.

-Chelsea L. Mod 3 BHS.

Chesterfield Students Sell Artwork On Web.

By : Juan Antonio Lizama.

MLA: Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA), Mar 01, 2009


I think that it is really cool that they are profiting from their art. Also that they are so going so high up with it. But honestly I don’t think there is really much I can say on this one. It doesn’t really interest me. It applies with my topic because it has to do with art as well as entertainment. It goes with our class because it is talking about certain topics that have been uploaded to teach , inform or entertain.

-Chelsea L. Mod 3 BHS.

Analyze the topic's impact on the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure. Include a brief summary on this main page of up to 200 words. Include one or more relevant images.

We are constantly connected to the internet, wirelessly, most people have a computer these days. It makes creating content faster and sharing easier, for example YouTube is about "You", the user, so it is more of an interactive experience rather than Web 1.0, where web pages were static [1]. Anyone can upload a video, from their phone, camera, or webcam for free. Many people became famous through YouTube. The rapid change on the Internet makes entertainment and arts progress faster.

Apps can easily get you information about what movie you're watching. You can watch movies on your phone, you can record videos on your phone, you can even edit the videos and the audio on your phone. Everything is becoming mobile now, people can work wherever they go. This makes entertainment faster.

More people spend their leisure time on the computer, with technology, watching random YouTube videos, which can sort of be a waste of time, but there are many instructional and useful videos on YouTube too. Videos can be shared using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. In general it affects people as they spend long hours stationary at a desk for work and for leisure, and end up with problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lordosis[2], and in general, not being very fit.
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