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The Awards Ceremony took place Wednesday May 14, 8am EST (12 midday GMT) Congratulations to all students and teachers. Thank you to all Judges!

Flat Classroom® Project 2013-1 Awards Ceremony

Date: May 14, 2013
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Awards Slideshow

Multimedia Meta-Awards

These go to the best multimedia works overall from the 11 topic winners in each group.

About our Meta-judge: Heather Davis, Flat Classroom Certified Teacher

Heather.JPGHeather Davis is a Canadian teacher presently teaching at the American School of Guatemala after eight years at Yew Chung International School of Beijing. For five years she taught Year 5/Grade 4 and then transferred to Year 4/Grade 3. When she graduated from Evangel University in 1974 computers were housed in large rooms and used predominately by the finance department.In 2010 she received her Masters in Integrating Technology K-12 from Walden University. Now working at her dream job as a Technology Integration Specialist for Grades 2-5 she is supporting and training teachers as the Elementary School incorporates iPads into the students daily lives as well as incorporating collaboration. Flat Classroom projects will become part of the curriculum in the near future.

As a Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Heather and her Grade 3 class were part of the A Week in the Life... pilot project and encouraged other teachers to become part of the experience. She also was privileged to attend the first Flat Classroom Conference in Doha, Qatar which turned into a world view change. In 2011 she participate in the Beijing Conference.

She blogs professionally at Teach Less! Learn More! and personally at Life With Heather . She loves to receive tweets @heatherd1951.

Final comments from Heather Davis:

It is an honour and a privilege to serve as the MetaJudge for the FCP 13-1 Project.Having served as a judge for many Flat Classroom projects over the past number of years I have been so impressed with the development and growth of the quality of the products produced. This year is no exception. Having the opportunity to see the best of the best has been exciting, often emotional and at times a bit overwhelming as I see the results of such hard work, focus and so often a desire to change the world.

Congratulations to everyone who took the initial step to participate - you began the journey and I trust you will keep moving forward. To the students and teams who have made it into the final round - "you rock". Your passion, commitment and desire to produce a worthy project speaks so much to your taking charge of your learning. I trust this will become the foundation of you choosing to become a life long learner.

Design and Technical Quality:

So many of the videos that I watched met in some manner, the criteria that was listed on the rubric but the top videos showed a level of excellence that could not be disputed. Through the magic of editing music, video clips,voice overs and pictures were worked and reworked to create a product that presented the story visualized by the creator. To all of you - keep creating!

Just one reminder - the credits should be run at a speed that the audience is able to read them. - Thanks

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas:**

Each of the videos shared below did an excellent job of taking an idea and step by step creating a story that reached out and pulled the viewer into the world that was visualized by the creator. The most effective part of each of the videos was the introduction. They hooked the viewer immediately and forced an emotional reaction that made it difficult to turn away before the ending. it was obvious that considerable time had gone into planning and developing the ideas.
Collaboration was evident in each video though in different ways and this is what makes FCP so interesting. You have the platform to dream, create and share your point of view. Great job - don't stop thinking or caring.

First Place

1.C.5 "Together, We Can Bring Change" by ChanelT_DMCI, DMCI, Canada

Title of Video: Together, We Can Bring Change

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Project


This video was a joy to listen to and watch. The opening sequence with the young boy was excellent and gave a wonderful punch to beginning of the video. It may have helped to include text on the video of exactly what he was saying as he was so excited his words were a bit difficult to understand. This would help if someone was not an English first language speaker.

Background Music: I did find the music a bit loud and could possibly be turned down a bit. That being said the music choices were excellent. Each piece of music definitely went with the section of the video where it was used. I really liked it when you occasional just stopped the music and you could only here the speaker. It certainly added emphasis to the message. The music set the tone as you moved from point to point.

Voice over - the speaking voice was very good and definitely implied passion for the topic. The change in volume and emphasis was excellent. The script was well written and spoke directly to the message you wanted the viewer to grasp.

I found the video to me very emotional. It grabbed my interest at the very beginning with the young boy and then I was "hooked" and emotionally bought into the topic.

I would just suggest that you slow the credits down a bit so they are easier to read though you listed them all in a clear manner on the Ning

You told an excellent story and you should definitely continue creating in this manner.

Second Place

10.C.2 Social Entrepreneurs Give Hope to Invisible Children by KelsyL_SVHS

Title of video: Social Entrepreneurs Give Hope to Invisible Children


A very effective video presentation. The opening video clip is powerful and sets the tone for the seriousness of the situation. The music that was used in this section was excellent. The level was very good but more importantly the music created a bit of an unsettling mood. This is appropriate when you hear a young man say it is better to die than to live.
You did a good transition from the beginning to the introduction to Invisible Children. The music was appropriate but too loud. It needs to be turned down a bit so that the person watching the video is not struggling to focus on the information. The volume of the music also made it difficult to hear the man from Invisible Children speak. Lowering the music for this part would have been excellent. When you switched to the third piece of music it was at a much better level and indicated you were introducing a new section of the video.
You did a very good job showing the horrible situation at the beginning, then moving to sharing about Invisible Children. I thought the picture in the Oval Office with President Obama signing the document was excellent as it carried the message that a small group of people can ignite a movement that will reach all the way to the White House and beyond.
You told a good story. It would have been effective to have a bit more voice over than just the slides of words but overall you had a message, delivered the message and created emotion in the listener. Good job!!!

Third Place

3.A.1 Workflow Software- JenniferD_DMCI FCP13 By: JenniferD DMCI FCP 13-1

Title of video: WorkFlow Software


I really enjoyed your approach to this topic. It was creative and interesting. I could tell by the video you had enjoyed working on it and creating it. Using your own produced video clips enabled you to more in control of what your message was. It showed how Workflow is used internationally. This topic could have been a bit boring but you were able to create interest. The smiles of everyone on the video clips created a sense of happiness.
One problem I did have was that the music was too loud and often overwhelmed the voice over. It is very important to remember that the voice-over script is the important part and the words must be heard. When the listener/viewer has to struggle to block out the music in order hear the script you are losing your message.
You told a very good and effective story and then brought it all together with smooth transitions. Good job - keep creating.

Honourable Mentions

(There were so many good videos but I felt the following deserved a special place. Hopefully, many people will follow the plan in these videos and reach out).

8.C.2 - Changing Lives Through Social Entrepreneurship by TrinhV-mhs-10
Title of video: Changing Lives through Social Entrepreneurship

2.E.2 How the world wide wed has changed the world- final by HannahL_REC
Title of the video: How the world wide web has changed the world

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Flat Classroom Project. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 11 major topics.
See Rubrics for details about Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our expert panel of JUDGES

#1 Connecting the World Online (CWO)

First: 1.C.5 "Together, We Can Bring Change" by ChanelT_DMCI, DMCI, Canada
Second: 1.D.1 "The waitress, the autistic girl, and the 'broken' burger" by KatelundS_VHS
and 1.D.3 "Home" by LindaL_DMCI, Canada
Third: 1.A.2 "Twinsters" by AmaniD-mhs-10
HM: 1.C.3 Social Entrepreneurship by: WhitneyA_SVHS

#2 World Wide Web (WWW)

First: 2.E.2 How the world wide wed has changed the world- final by HannahL_REC
Second: 2.C.2 For The Greater Good by GabbieR_VHS
Third: 2.D.1 The World Wide Web: The Story of Henry Granju by MatthewS_SVHS
and 2.A.2 World Wide Web - No Information Without You by FWC_DMCI
HM: 2.B.1WWW - Current News Final by ZacharyA_WCTA
and 2.E.3 sandy hook shooting by andrewg-mhs-10

#3 Workflow Software (WFS)

First: 3.A.1 Workflow Software- JenniferD_DMCI FCP13 By: JenniferD DMCI FCP 13-1
Second: 3.E.1 Workflow Software and Group Stories by DamianC_SVHS
Third: 3.E.2 Workflow Software Group Stories, Video Game Design by Austinc-mhs-3
HM: 3.D.3 Workflow Video by BryceS_VHS

#4 Uploading: The Changing Shape of Information (CSI)

First: 4.A.1The Changing Shape of Information by Emilyc_DML
and 4.A.4 The Changing Shape of Information by DawidK_SVHS
Second: 4.D.2 The Changing Shape of Information by BrandtW_REC
and 4.F.4 Three Ways of Uploading By LilyW_DMCI
Third: 4.D.3 CSI Employment (you tube) by KatelynS_ASB
HM: 4.F.2 The Changing Shape of Information by BrandonC_SVHS
and 4.F.1 Health and Medicine: Changing the Shape of Information Works Cited Page by IanF-mhs-3

#5 Web 2.0 (W20)

First: 5.B.5 Inovation, Invention and Prediction by BayD-MHS
Second: 5.E.1 Red Nose Day Web 2.0 (Groups) By: JenaH-MHS-1
Third: 5.C.2 Social entrepreneurship (you tube) by Reynoldss_asb
HM: 5.B.4 The Social Media Revolution: Web 2.0 by AnneR_mshs
and 5.B.3 The Future of Web 2.0 is Web 3.0 by SandeepD_VHS

#6 Globalisation and Outsourcing (G&O)

First: 6.F.1 How We Live and Play by erical-mhs-1
Second: 6.D.1 Uniting For Hope By IsabelS_SVHS
Third: 6.A.2 Globalization and Outsourcing by EdenN_REC
HM: 6.F.2 How We Live and Play by rachelb_wcta

#7 Google (GGL)

First: 7.C.5 Go Green With Google by TariniK_ASB
Second: 7.E.2 Google Blast from the past by KellyR_VHS
Third: 7.C.3 Social Entrepreneurship goes hard by AustinP-mhs-3
HM: 7.A.1 Uniting Through Google by MeganS_SVHS

#8 PLEs and Social Networking (PLE&SN)

First: 8.C.2 - Changing Lives Through Social Entrepreneurship by TrinhV-mhs-10
Second: 8.C.3 -Social Networking x Education by JunkoM_ASB
Third: 8.A.3 Personal Learning environments and social networking By GabriellaR_REC
and 8.E.1 How Do Facebook Games Make Money?-How We Play-Social Networking By: MadS_ASB
HM: 8.C.1- Social Entrepreneurship in Education by StefanoG_FRSH
and 8.B.1Social Media; Recent Developements Dani N-MHS-1

#9 Mobile and Ubiquitous (M&U)

First: 9.B.1 Innovation, Invention and Prediction by DianaN_SVHS
Second: 9.A.5 World Wildlife Fund By AbdallahW
Third: 9.D.1 The Story of Malala by ChristopherM_SVHS
HM: 9.F.1 Live & Play by CarolineR_WCTA

#10 Virtual Communication (VCom)

First: 10.C.2 Social Entrepreneurs Give Hope to Invisible Children by KelsyL_SVHS
Second: 10.D.2 Invisible Communication by PeterN_VHS
Third: 10.A.1 Technology News Network with CameronW by CameronW_WCTA
HM: 10.B.1 Virutal Communication using Google Glass by AlyssaP-MHS-1

#11 Wireless Connectivity (WCon)

First: 11.E.2 How Sina Weibo Saved Lives by SkylarM_VHS
Second: 11.B.1 The Wireless Future by MatthewC_SVHS
Third: 11.D.2 Wireless Connectivity in the Workplaceby BrookeG_REC and 11.F.1 Play and Connectivity in the Workplace by AshleyM_SVHS
HM: 11.A.3 Wireless Connectivity by KevinK_DMCI

Participating Classrooms

This is the list of schools participating in the final awards for completion of the project.
School Tag
School Name
West Career and Technical Academy
Yvonne Hicks
Valley High School
Sarah Bird
Don Mills Collegiate Institute
Bruce Forsythe
Berea High School
Toni Knotek
Wasse Abin High School
Caroline Black
Midpark High School
Sheri Williams & Amy Jambor
Saucon Valley High School
Jessica Friday
American School of Bombay
Sharon Brown-Peters
River East Collegiate
Kristine Yang
Franklin Regional Senior High
Roger Crider
Des Moines Abraham Lincoln High School
Susan Krantman
Pleasant Plains High School
D'Wayne Peterson
Manitou Springs High School
Duane Roberson