Video/Multimedia Challenge


All videos will be judged by the Flat Classroom Project Judges (using the project Rubrics) and Awards given in an Awards Ceremony at the end of the project. Additionally, assessment is done by individual teachers at their respective schools. There are no prizes except the knowledge that you have created something very special and the knowledge that you've done well in an elite competition. Being a compelling digital storyteller is an exciting accomplishment in itself.

How does the video creation process work?

The Flat Classroom Project multimedia challenge is a call for ideas to shape the future of education. It is a communication video that shares your research and your ideas based on the topic.

Important Links for Creating and Sharing the Video:

Review these links first:
Then add YOUR outsourced video request to this wiki:
When your video is finished add it to the Master List:


Your video should relate to your PRIMARY topic and should also include a mention or be influenced by the TYPE of video that was your subtopic.

Putting it together

The video/multimedia artifact is PERSONAL response to the material covered in the project.

Required Components

  • Videos are made on an individual basis.
  • Students should request an outsourced clip for their video.
  • Every student should create and deliver an outsourced clip to someone else.
  • Outsourced clips are strongly encouraged and weighted in the final judging process and should be received from someone OUTSIDE your classroom.
  • Videos should be 1-5 minutes long. If a student wishes to go over 5 minutes, they must request permission from their teacher to go over time. Each teacher may issue up to 2 exceptions to the time limit. This should be noted in the video description when submitted.
  • All credits and citations must be included in the credits at the end of the film. The school must obtain written permission to use the full names of all minors included in the film - otherwise first names and last initials or pseudonyms should be used.
  • The appropriate license should be used in the video. Be careful about using copyrighted music in the film as you are submitting your video to potentially win a prize and may jeopardize your fair use claims. Use creative commons to be sure.
  • The Project Help wiki contains the help files for outsourcing, uploading and other required elements.

Submitting Videos

  • All videos must be uploaded to the Flat Classroom Project Ning although students are strongly encouraged to cross post on their school's YouTube or other channel as well.
  • Follow Video Numbering Instructions
  • Embed your video in the appropriate place on this wiki, completing all information by the deadline!