Project Announcement:

The Awards Ceremony took place Wednesday May 14, 8am EST (12 midday GMT) Congratulations to all students and teachers. Thank you to all Judges!

Welcome to Flat Classroom® Project 2013-1

The Flat Classroom® Project is a global, collaborative project using Web 2.0 tools to foster connection, communication, collaboration and creation. For inspiration and content material it draws on the work of Thomas Friedman and 'The World is Flat'. Read more about the project background, what THIS project is about, the current set of Flat Classroom projects and view past projects.

UPDATE - This project is now closed. Thank you to all teachers and students for participating.
The next project starts in September 2013.
Applications invited.
Julie Lindsay, Flat Classroom.

NEWS! - We need teachers to sign up as Judges for the student-created multimedia. Judging starts late April.

Student Research Topics

Note: the following hyperlinks go to the wiki. The video icon video_fcp.jpg links to the page where videos will be uploaded for that topic.
  1. Group 1 Topic: ' Connecting the World Online' video_fcp.jpg
  2. Group 2 Topic: ' How the World Wide Web has Changed the World' video_fcp.jpg
  3. Group 3 Topic: 'How Work Flow Software can Enhance Productivity and Communication' video_fcp.jpg
  4. Group 4 Topic: 'The Changing Shape of Information' video_fcp.jpg
  5. Group 5 Topic: 'Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 Tools for Sharing Information' video_fcp.jpg
  6. Group 6 Topic: 'Globalization and Outsourcing'video_fcp.jpg
  7. Group 7 Topic: ' Google Takes Over the World' video_fcp.jpg
  8. Group 8 Topic: ' Personal Learning Environments and Social Networking ' video_fcp.jpg
  9. Group 9 Topic: ' Mobile and Ubiquitous' video_fcp.jpg
  10. Group 10 Topic: 'Virtual Communication' video_fcp.jpg
  11. Group 11 Topic: 'Wireless Connectivity' video_fcp.jpg

Sponsors and Supporters of this Project

updated THINK Global School logo.jpg

Classrooms Participating in this Project

addition-mark.jpegINFORMATION TO BE ADDED:
Each teacher on the project will be adding their school name, hyperlink to the school, and a clocklink showing the current time in their location. If a school makes an introduction page, it will also be linked from this table of schools.

Complete List of Project Classrooms and Countries Flat Classroom® 2013-1

Country, School and Teachers
School logo
Timestamp using
Saucon Valley High School
Pennsylvania, USA
Jessica Friday

Panther log.jpg

Thoreau Middle School
Vienna, VA USA
Karyn Kolly

River East Collegiate
Winnipeg, MB CANADA
Kristine Yang

Midpark High School
Ohio, USA
Amy Jambor
Sheri Williams

Don Mills Collegiate Institute
Toronto, ON CANADA
Bruce Forsyth

West Career and Technical Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada
Yvonne Hicks
Enrico Litterini
external image customLogo.gif?revision=2

Saint Anthony - Immaculate Conception
San Francisco, CA
Albert Bricker
Logo 2012.jpg

Saint James School
San Francisco, CA
Albert Bricker

Abraham Lincoln High School
Des Moines, Iowa USA
Susan Krantman

Manitou Springs High School
Manitiou Springs, Colorado, USA
Duane Roberson
Manitou Coat of Arms.png

Manitou Springs

Wasse Abin High School
Wikwemikong, Ontario, Canada
Caroline Black
external image logo.jpg.w180h295.jpg

American School of Bombay
Mumbai, India
Sharon Brown-Peters
Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.14.58 AM.png

Valley High School
West Des Moines, IA
Sarah Bird

Pleasant Plains High School
Pleasant Plains, IL

Franklin Regional Senior High School
Murrysville, PA
fr panther logo.jpg

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